Parson's Green Nursery is committed to providing an outstanding Level of care and education for all children. Our Transition Class is situated in a large class room on the first floor, with a clean and light feel the play room, children are split into two groups 18 - 24 months and 24 - 36 months. Each group can take a maximum of 12 children at any one time and we always have a staff to child ratio of 1:3 for the younger children or 1:4 for our older transition group.  Children sleep once a day (or more if needed) on individual mats. We have an onsite laundry service and housekeeper to ensure that children's sheets are washed regularly. In line with OFSTED Guidance, our Toddlers go outside daily, to ensure they get regular fresh air and exposure to a range of different stimulus, we are fortunate to be located in close proximity to Hurlingham Park, South Park and Bishops Park which the toddlers especially enjoy visiting during the summer months.

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Settling In: We offer three hours of free settle sessions when your child joins, we recognise this is a big step and all children are different and so we base children's transitions and settles around individual children's needs and we will discuss this with you on enrolment. If your child is transitioning from the Nursery class your child's key worker will talk to you about the transition process, which initially involved regular settle sessions with their current key worker, and then short sessions without their key worker once they are familiarised with the room. Parents will be invited to a transition meeting in which the child's current key worker will sum up their time in the baby room and information passes to the child's new key worker. This meeting also gives parents an opportunity to meet their child's new key workers and address any questions or concerns you may have about the transition. 

Key Workers: On joining Transition your child will be allocated a Key Worker, this is usually based on who your child forms a Natural bond with during their settle sessions. Their Key worker will be form a close relationship with you child during their time in Transition, and is responsible for planning weekly for your child's needs and interests liaising with you regularly and during development Progress Review Meetings. They will also complete a learning journey scrap book documenting your child's time in the room. 

Communication Books:  All Children under 2 will receive a daily communication book detailing information about their day at nursery, nappy changes, food, milk, sleep, and a comment on how they have been throughout their day. We encourage parents to also use this book as a form of communication with us in which to write notes to your child;s key worker re changes in routine etc

Curriculum: We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for all children, and using our specially developed Learning and Development tracker, we monitor children's learning and development. We plan individually for all children by developing next steps based on observations made my staff. We always ensure that children are provided with a wide range of interesting activities and experiences to scaffold their development in all areas of learning. 

Extra Curricular: Children take part in extra curricular activities daily these include, Baby Gym, PE, Football and French. We also have a specialist Music teacher who comes in to sing and play the guitar to children. every Thursday Morning. Children are encouraged to begin dancing and vocalising to music as experimenting with musical instruments and joining in action songs.