My daughter started at nursery when she was three-months old and has been there full time for the past four years. From the outset she has provided a perfect environment for Theresa with kind and supportive staff, colourful and busy classrooms and excellent pastoral care. I could not do my job efficiently without the support of the nursery: just knowing how happy my daughter is when she is there allows me to concentrate on my work and I never have a second’s worry that she is anything but extremely contented.

The nursery staff have encouraged, taught and checked Theresa at every step. The fact that Theresa is disappointed not to go to nursery at weekends, tells me that she loves being there in the hours that she is away from me and no parent can ask for more than that from their nursery.
— Antonia Pugh-Thomas
Leaving your baby in the care of strangers is a very daunting prospect. Add to that the complication of returning to work and you are likely to feel very emotional as you leave your baby in the care of others. I visited many nurseries before I met the team at Parson’s Green Nursery and can safely say that I knew from the moment I walked through the door that this was the right place for my son. The team there are so warm, loving and friendly and every time I drop him off I leave with a sense of complete confidence that he will enjoy every minute of his time there. From messy play to music time, every sense is stimulated and it is so fantastic to see him developing so quickly. Thank you to everyone but especially the wonderful Miss Celina and Miss Daisy.

— Abbi Holland (parent to Finn, 13 months)