Luftballon (PGN goes international)

As you may have all seen, Parson's Green Nursery have recently had some custom balloons made up which all the children from the nursery and the local area have really enjoyed taking home. On Friday, Miss Cristina and I were out on Parson's Green handing out some lovely balloons to all the children at Parson's Green Fair. One little boy let his big yellow balloon go, it went up and up into the sky and we watched it disappear we never imagined that it would end up over 450 miles away in Germany. 

On Sunday at 7.14pm Miss Hava received the following email:-

Hi, my name is Emily Taylor I'm 12 years old. On saturday 27.9.14 
when I was walking my dog, I found a yellow ballon with your address on it.
I live in Germany in a little village called OBERDREIS it's by ALTENKIRCHEN rouphly between KOBLENZ and COLOGNE  about 450 miles from LONDON.

We were absolutely amazed that our little balloon had made it all the way from Parson's Green to Oberdreis in Germany over 450 miles away from where it started. Emily has sent us the following photographs to show you all. Thank you Emily for getting in touch with us and providing these great photographs for us all. We hope that you will keep in touch and come visit us if you are ever in London!