All Our food is prepared fresh daily by our specialist Nursery caterer and delivered every day hot and ready to serve. We have an in house nutritionist (Miss Hava) who works closely with our caters to ensure all our food meets the highest standards and all our menus have the optimal nutrition balance for children under 5. We serve breakfast, morning snack, lunch and a light tea. Miss Hava offers a free nutrition advice service to all Parson's Green Nursery parents especially during weaning or supporting parents of fussy eaters. 

Please see below a sample weekly menu.

Our breakfast options are as follows: Fruit puree, porridge, wheetabix, toast, and a choice of milk or water. 

For morning snack children will be given a range of chopped fruits and vegetables, raisins and grissini to choose from, with either milk or water. 



Lunch: Simply Chicken and Tomato Penne Pasta, with grated cheese.

Pudding: Fruit Granola Slice. 

Tea: Homemade whole meal cheese and tomato fingers, hard boiled egg wedges, pepper and carrot batons & mini cherry yoghurt pot. 



Lunch: Speldhurst sausage with Sweet potato mash and homemade baked beans. 

Pudding: Frozen Yoghurt with chopped fruit. 

Tea: Free range egg slices, sliced chicken, raisins and sultanas and orange smiles. 




Lunch: Three Cheese macaroni Bake with cucumber slices

Pudding:Orange with Chocolate sponge or chopped fruit. 

Tea: Shaved honey roast ham sub roll, dried apricots, cherry tomato and summer fruit jelly. 



Lunch: Mild and creamy beef Tikka Masala with fluffy brown rice,

Pudding: Melon, Apricot, Madarin, red Grapes, Apple, Pear and Peach

Tea: Tomato bread fingers, cheese dip, roast turkey slices, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices & a mini apricot and oat bran muffin. 



Lunch: Roast Turkey, roast baby new Potatoes and gravy with peas, sweetcorn green beans and carrots.

Pudding: Turners daisy farm mango and peach fromage frais

Tea: Dolpin friendly tuna mayo finger roll, Speldhurst sliced sausage, carrot batons and honey dew melon. 



We cater fully for children with a range of allergies, these allergy meals are prepared in a separate part of the kitchen to ensure no contamination, please inform us of any allergies or suspected allergies on enrolment.